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SLIC Decision Support Tool

The Smart Light Concepts (SLIC) Decision Support Tool is a web-based tool designed to support users in making decisions on innovative techniques for energy savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy use in public lighting. These techniques/actions aim to increase the uptake of sustainable public lighting concepts and carbon reduction by managing authorities. The concept will take into account the various public lighting situations/road configurations; rural, urban, historic cities, a combination of technologies. The tool is useful for calculating the expected energy use, light performance, and cost of street lighting upgrades for the areas which are defined in the SLIC project.

Technical information used in this tool can be found in the Knowledge Library also available in the side bar under TECHNICAL INFORMATION.

Tool Requirements

Web browser (Google Chrome is preferred)

Required inputs

Downloadable Excel templates containing the formats for the DST inputs are provided in Tool Information and, lighting system in step 6 and scenario design - step 7. These templates can be downloaded, filled, converted to CSV ( Excel to CSV conversion guide) and uploaded into the tool in lighting system in step 6 or scenario design - step 7 of the DST. A description about how the tool works and information about the downloadable templates can be found in the Tool Information also available in the side bar under TECHNICAL INFORMATION.

Watch a DEMO of the SLIC Decision Support Tool on YouTube